Last week’s links: does running water on Mars matter all that much if the universe is a hologram?

Gaining much publicity after a Nature write-up of pre-publication articles, science has (un)officially justified the existential crisis you had last week by demonstrating that the universe is indistinguishable from a much simpler holographic universe with only one dimension and no gravity.

But the simulated universe is not our universe, and apparently does not resemble our own either (also, who minds potentially being holographic? Not me). So we can still get excited about what looks a bit like flowing water in equatorial regions of Mars (well, flowing something anyway). The link is paywalled, but read the news report here. The article makes a case for a rover ban for all but the most sterile of robots, which I guess means no humans either (bummer).
The recurring slope lineae, aka repetitious incline lines, were also described in Science a few years ago (mirrored at A strange occurence without an explanation, think of the Martian streaks as an enigmatic, saltier version of the suspected plumes of water vapour picked up by the Hubble telescope around Europa.

In other happenings, the Jade Rabbit is on Luna.