gifs for Z-stacks?

I am gearing up for tests of a new iteration of my Lieberk├╝hn reflector for 58mm diameter, f=35mm lens for macrophotography. This will be my first print in Shapeways bronzed steel material. In the meantime, enjoy some Lieberk├╝hn enhanced macrophotography, in gif format.

The subject is the lovely Osmia aglaia, a beautiful blue solitary bee from North America. Compression for the GIF format does some fuzzy things to the photos, but it was still worth the experiment for a simple way to display z-stacks. Click for larger versions.





I’ve also recently launched a new double threaded lens cap: stays on the lens when bumped or carried, and now each lens cap fits two standard lens diameters instead of one. They are available here in a variety of sizes, and you can see the firm attachment compared to squeeze lens caps demoed here . I have only tested this design out in the lens diameters I and a few friends own and use. I now need more photographers to try it out and provide feedback. With this in mind I will keep the Shapeways price as low as possible until some more theBilder threaded lens caps have had a run in the wild!