New Year’s Eve 2015


A particular pair of protein structures, Protein Database designations 1afz and 3coS. Depending on your genotype you may be strongly cursing or thanking these enzymes later.

X-Ray diffraction solution data from:

Kavanagh, K.L., Shafqat, N., Yue, W., von Delft, F., Bishop, S., Roos, A., Murray, J., Edwards, A.M., Arrowsmith, C.H., Bountra, C., Oppermann, U. Crystal structure of human class II alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH4) in complex with NAD and Zn. To Be Published

Steinmetz, C.G., Xie, P., Weiner, H., Hurley, T.D. Structure of mitochondrial aldehyde dehydrogenase: the genetic component of ethanol aversion (1997) Structure 5: 701-711. PubMed: 9195888


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