Skopein: Scottish Bumblebee Mites


Zoom in on this bees thorax to see a pair of mites (click for full size).



A close inspection reveals several mites, if one looks very carefully. This photograph of a humble bee taken near Loch Ness.

The full range of mites’ effects on bumblebees are varied and largely unknown, but run the gamut from parasitism to potential specialised mutualisms.. The above photos are headed to Bee Watch, a citizen science venture at Aberdeen University in association with the BumbleBee Conservation Trust

Σκοπεΐν, Scindere, Machen


Σκοπεΐ (skopein), Scindere, Machen

Regular readers of the site (all five of them, hi Mom!) may have noticed a mass migration of additional posts appearing on theScinder in the past few weeks. The 3D-printing and macrophotography work by theBilder has merged with theScinder for a wholesome presence exemplifying the three-wise aspects of tool-wielding apes: Σκοπεΐν, Scindere, and Machen. Thematically translated: see, think, make. Along with the webtragicomic guessesAndGivens, these will be the three main themes on theScinder.

We’ve got some fun stuff in store for the next few months. . .