The Great Occlusion of 2015


Restless apes revel as the eye of Ra blinks.

The day the great round sky serpent Selene dared to battle the Mighty Ra. A brief and terrible struggle ensued before the hubristic Selene was cast from their occluding path betwixt the eye of Ra and the backskin of Jörð, the home of an excitable and quick-breeding tribal organism related to slime-molds. After, the heavenly entities continued on just about exactly as they were before the manic apes on the skin of Jörð looked up, taking brief notice that they were collectively but a mote in an infinite clockwork.


Some of the land-apes, stricken with fear, perform ritualistic ceremonies. By creating small apertures with their bodies or simple tools they restrict the gaze of their sun god to form an image on a clay tablet, stone path, or fibrous sheet.


It is known to the masses of naked apes that to gaze directly into the eye of their sun god, even when the Mighty Gaze has been challenged and attenuated by the powerful deity Selene, invites certain destruction of their “Rehtinah”, or life force.