Now I get it!


Credit for this gem goes to the Glasgow University press office (, with a nice spin added by the BBC (

From the BBC: “Complicated? Oh yes. Which is why the researchers say it might help to think of a bicycle race.” Don’t worry your pretty little head about these bothersome physics, stick to fun things like sport. But in all fairness, a peloton does tend to slow down when it collides with a Spatial Light Modulator, or any equpiment attached to an optical table for that matter. . .

Peanuts to Space


Tonight may be the last chance to get a good view of the stunning green nucleus of Comet Lovejoy C/2014 Q2 for 8 millenia. Treat yourself to a reminder of the vanishingly infinitesmal trail of human life through space and time, hurtling along perched atop a pale blue dot.


Approximate location of C/2014 Q2 from 2015 January 10, obscured by light pollution