guessesAndGivens no. 1

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2 thoughts on “guessesAndGivens no. 1”

  1. Should one read, for the missing word(s) at the end of the first panel, ‘… they’ll call it The Apocalypse’ or somesuch denoting Terminator-like catastrophe ? If so, then the question you pose is, why should machines do it any more malevolently than humans, the point of the slumped PC operator. But do we know just what malevolent humans can do when they master coding? Are enough of them out there yet doing it?


    1. Thing one may have been about to say “Singularity,” a term that gets thrown around a lot by futurist types but defies inspection by definition. It doesn’t require a malevolent robot overlord but it does imply an irrelevance of humans. Supposedly the pace of change would outrun humans’ ability to keep up with it. However, as a famous sci-fi author once said “Any sufficiently studied magic is indistinguishable from technology.”


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