Touring CERN’s Compact Muon Solenoid

theScinder visited CERN!

On the cutting edge of wading through petabytes of data, the reader will probably recognise the organization from big press releases concerning the discovery of the boson-with-properties-consistent-with-the-Higgs (resulting in the Nobel in Physics for Peter Higgs and François Englert last year) and the report from OPERA that they had discoverd faster-than-light neutrinos (resulting in the resignation of Antonio Ereditato and Daria Autiero, despite a rather cautious initial press release.)


The triage room. This is where hardware throws away tremendous swaths of data, so you don’t have to. Uninteresting events are deleted permanently before being parceled out around the world on the LHC worldwide computing grid.


Please put on your dosimeters now.



The CMS itself. The view in this photo is somewhat hampered by the compactness of the solenoid. A view of the detector complex before it was completely installed offers a more complete side view.



Thanks to Wolfram Zeuner of the CMS for showing us around the CMS, and Markus Schulz from the computing centre for arranging the visit and providing a tour of the computing centre.

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