Johannes Kepler’s Boarding School

theScinder is currently doing a world tour of sorts. Normally bound to North America, I am now in Europe and will be visiting several points of interest to science history and future. Last weekend theScinder toured the Kloster at Maulbronn, Germany. A historic monastery, UNESCO world heritage site, and the location of Johannes Kepler’s seminary school.


You have heard of Kepler’s laws of planetary motion if you have taken an introductory physics course, but his education here was steeped in religion, and religion played a prominent role in his scientific work.


Impressive lighting effects in the church.


I brought a manual perspective control lens on the tour, and found an opportunity to demo parallel-line correction. There is an interesting trade-off between correcting your earth-bound perspective by shifting the lens and introducing off-axis aberrations. The lower photo of this stained glass window is more corrected for perspective (notice the lines of the framing) but blurry. The optimal conditions for a maximum degree of perspective shift may be a good question for Ernst Abbe’s column.

Maulbronn sunset over the Kloster.

Next week theScinder visits the University of Glasgow, alma mater of William Thomson, namesake of the most sensical units for temperature.

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